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Types of Descaling

What Tools are Used for Descaling?

Descaling jobs of different sizes will require different tools. The smallest descaling cleaning procedures won’t require a pump for descaling solution, while the largest jobs will require a whole system.

Descaler manufacturers will typically tell you what tools are required for different types of jobs. Manufacturers of multiple descaling agents will also specify which chemicals require different equipment. Here are the most common tools you’ll need for descaling:

  • Chemical descaler
  • Circulation bucket
  • Tubing
  • Disposal drums or containers
  • Safety gear (eye protection, gloves, or any other specified by descaling manufacturer)

Safety protocols are extremely important, so be sure to use any safety gear specified by manufacturers of chemicals you use. To learn more about what to expect or prepare for during a descaling procedure, see our article Tips for Using Descaling Chemicals.

The first three items on this list are common components found in descaling systems.

What is a Descaling System?

A descaling system is a pump system designed to circulate descaling chemicals through machinery and appliances. Specifically, descaling systems are used to clean scale and other blockages from machine surfaces.

Descaling systems typically consist of these major components:

  • Pump
  • Circulation buckets or tubs
  • Carts with wheels (for larger or heavier systems)
  • Drum pumps (used for transferring chemicals to pumps)
  • Tubing (longer lengths can be needed for specific jobs)
  • Submersible pumps (for underwater jobs)

Larger or more complex systems can feature more components or even multiple components from the list above. Parts can be used to modify descaling systems for specific jobs. For instance; more tubing may be needed to reach machinery in tight spots, or a more portable system may be required for a job that is in a hard-to-reach position.

Many manufacturers offer complete descaling systems, along with certified parts you can use to modify the system for any job you need. Mixing and matching descaling system parts from different manufacturers is not recommended, as most parts are different and not interchangeable. Mixing and matching descaling system parts from different manufacturers could be dangerous and cause an accident that could lead to property damage or personal injury. Call the manufacturer of your descaling system if you have specific questions about modifying the system in any way.

For more information on descaling systems, check out our article on Choosing the Best Descaling System.

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